Attendance App for employees offers the following tools:

  1. Accurate Geolocation
  2. timesheet reports
  3. Geofencing (Set post radius)
  4. AI Assistant Tools
  5. Leave Management
  6. Employee Self Service

Why Choose Finclock Attendance App?

  1. Free trial for your team
  2. Unlimited users per company account
  3. Best fit for both field and office teams
  4. Integrates with web-based HR system
  5. 24-7 customer support
  6. Customization is welcome

attendance app android

Accurate Geo-location

Finclock attendance app is the perfect solution for organizations looking to keep track of employee attendance in a secure, accurate manner. With its powerful geo-location and geofencing features, you can rest assured that employee attendance is only marked at the designated work location. This ensures that attendance is accurately tracked and recorded, allowing you to make better decisions about employee performance and productivity. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employee attendance is tracked and save time and money.

AI-Assistant in Attendance App


Finclock team brings you the revolutionary attendance app is designed to save you time and money with its powerful AI assistant. Our AI assistant is designed to automate many of the tedious tasks of attendance tracking, saving you time and money. With the AI assistant, you won‘t have to spend time manually entering data or verifying attendance records. Instead, you can focus on what matters most – running your business. With the AI assistant from Finclock, you can make sure your attendance tracking is efficient and accurate, allowing you to make the most of your time and resources.

Leave management

Finclock attendance app enables teams to quickly and easily apply for leaves and get online leave management. With this app, teams can easily manage employee leaves and have full visibility into the leave trends of their team members. The app offers a comprehensive overview of the organization‘s leave balance and ensures that employees are taking the right amount of leave. Additionally, the app makes it simple to approve or reject leave requests and set up automated notifications. Finclock helps teams to manage leave more efficiently, reducing the administrative burden and optimizing leave management.

Timesheet Reports

Finclock Attendance App makes timesheet reports easy and efficient, with automatic processing of employee clock-in and clock-out times. Our online timesheet reports are available for download in both Excel and PDF formats, so you can quickly and easily access all the information you need for payroll, employee tracking and more.